• All your medical reports and prescriptions are kept encrypted online to the secure sever, which you access through your secure login.
  • So, if you are travelling for any reason, moved out of your current location or changed your city, there is no point worrying about losing your medical reports and prescriptions.
  • All your Personal Medical Record (PMR) is at your fingertips; anytime, anywhere and on the go.No more maintaining papers and carrying them around to places

Manage medical history online
How it works

Save medical records

Manage your medical history online and transfer medical records securely.

Your health on fingertips

keep a track on your health with easy access to doctors,hospitals,chemist and path labs .

Hassle free doctor's practice.

Manage your daily appointments and provide patient care on the go

All at one place

Book appointment,order medicine and get your reports instantly with ease

Our Future Projects

When individual in need we can offer our support by providing the details of Hospitals, Doctors, Diagnostic Lab and medical shops.


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